olorimetrix test reader

Partner program

If you are interested in licensing partnerships, marketing, distributing colorimetrix for your colorimetric assays, please do let us know your interest at info@colorimetrix.com and we'll be sure to write back to you with details.
Do you represent a reagent strip manufacturer who is interested in making Colorimetrix compatible for reading your brand of strip? We're happy to to make Colorimetrix compatible with a wide array of strip tests, or lateral-flow tests. Please contact us to know more about our partner program.

Request beta version

Colorimetrix is currently on a development beta version and its intended use is merely for research. Only the Android version is supported at the moment. We are hoping to release v1.0, which is fully functional version of development version 0.2, on the Google Play Store soon! Please follow this website for updates.

If you represent an academic, research or medical organisation interested in partnering with us for research and development, we'd love to hear your proposals and ideas.

For requesting a beta version of the app for research purposes please send an email to info@colorimetrix.com with the following information:

-Contact address
-Research purpose
-Email and Phone

Promote Colorimetrix

Colorimetrix is a tool for researchers who currently rely on high-cost spectrophotometers and computers to read colorimetric assays.
Like Colorimetrix? and are interested in promoting colorimetrix? contact us to learn more! info @ colorimetrix.com

User manual

Intended use: The colorimetrix system may be used for semi-quantitative and qualitative detection of colorimetric tests in a laboratory and it is not intended to be used as a diagnostics tool.

User documentation under preparation...

Video Demos

Measuring proteins


When is Colorimetrix going to be available in the Play Store?
The current test version is still undergoing development of its graphic interface and core data managment capabilities, as soon as there is a decent releasable version it will be released as for gneral use. We expect to release a downloadable version from webstores by the end of the year.